Biomass-to-Energy references

Holz 1366 200

since 03-2016, HVC, Uppsala Sweden

By this project the fuel of one existing boiler unit (HVC) will be converted from peat to wood pellets. While other units remain in operation, a new pellets unloading, a silo for storage, a new mill house, new wood dust burners and a SNCR will be installed.

  • white pellets as fuel
  • 132 MW firing capacity
  • Contracts placed
  • Site works ongoing
  • end 2018 scheduled start-up

Buchhorn-Projects prepared specifications (ITT documents), evaluated proposals and is now the Purchaser´s Process Engineer to follow the Contractors during engineering and supply of the works.

since 01-2013, CARPE, Uppsala Sweden

Carpe Futurum is a new biomass (wood) utilising plant to provide heat to the Uppsala district heat network, but electricity might also be provided in the future.

  • Main fuel: recycled wood
  • 100 MW firing capacity
  • 2021 scheduled start-up

Buchhorn-Projects prepared the basic design package and specifications (ITT documents) and took a role in the technical tender evaluation and contract negotiations.
Carpe will be placed on an area currently used as peat storage (in containers). 


11-2013 to 07-2014, Märkisches Viertel

Vattenfall, Berlin, Germany, commissioning support

06-2013 to 11-2013, Bio-Methanol Plant WoodSpirit

Delfzijl, Netherlands, Technical support during Conceptual Design

06-2013 to 09-2014, Groene Weide Utrecht
04-2012 to 12-2012

Vattenfall / Nuon, Netherlands, Conceptional Design for Boiler & FGT, ITT preparation and checks, tender evaluation. 

07-2012 to 08-2012, Märkisches Viertel

Vattenfall, Berlin, Germany, Consultant QA/QC & team organisation

03-2011 to 04-201, BtE Delfzijl

Dutch EPC Contractor, Engineering Manager during proposal

11-2005 to 08-2008, BEC Twence

Hengelo, Netherlands, Project Manager Process

BEC 1366 400

Mr. Buchhorn followed the BEC Project (Biomassa Elektriciteits Centrale) as Project Manager Process in the final client´s project team.

  • Main fuel: B-wood
  • Throughput: 20 t/h
  • 70 MW firing capacity
  • 80 t/h steam production
  • 68 bar, 465°C steam conditions
  • 20 MW electricity production
  • > 27% net efficiency
  • Turn key contractor: Standard Kessel Duisburg, Germany
  • March 2006 start site works
  • 1 Dec. 2006 pressure test
  • 12 Nov. 2007 first fire
  • 22 Oct. 2008 prel. take-over

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