Waste-to-Energy references

Müll 1366 200

02-2012 to 03-2012 Hazardeous Wase Incineration Turkey

General Project Manager of the Eisenmann AG team (project stopped due to external reasons)

08-2011 to 10-2011, Dordrecht, Netherlands, WtE 5th line, Maintenance

Cladding 1366 400

Mr. Buchhorn was the Stop Manager of 1st maintenance stop, being in charge of the team, planning, costs and quality. The scope did not only include normal maintenance but also finalisation of guarantee issues by the plant supplier.

  • 7 weeks time to prepare
  • 4 weeks stop 
  • 42 Contractors
  • 394 persons staff
  • 1600 h peak workload per day
  • 8 welding machines
  • 0 accidents

04-2010 to 08-2010, WtE Norfolk, UK

Dutch / UK EPC Contractor, Process Engineering for proposal on turnkey WtE plant

2-2006 to 08-2011 Dordrecht, Netherlands, WtE 5th line, Project Manager Process

Dordrecht breit 768

Mr. Buchhorn was "Project Manager Process" with responsibility for incineration, boiler and flue gas treatment, contracted by RGR-Projecten B.V. and worked within the client´s project team together with other RGR specialists and HVC experts. Mr. Buchhorn was involved in this project from the very first beginning (kick off on 3 February 2006) and drafted main parts of the concept, In 2007 he contributed to the environmental permission procedure with the necessary descriptions and calculations. He also took a key role in the preparation of the technical specification. The key challenges in this project were the small area and very tight emission limits.

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  • MSW as fuel
  • 30 t/h throughput
  • 75 MW firing capacity
  • 21 July 2010 first fire
Erste Flammen 768

07-2005 to 08-2005, „Integrated Engineer“ Macau Refuse Incineration Plant

Nangong Team 256

As engineer integrated project team of CGS Macau Tratamento de Residuos Lda. Mr. Buchhorn drafted technical sections of the Request for Proposal document and took part in negotiations with the potential technology supplier (Mitsubishi).

  • MSW as fuel
  • 3 lines
  • 12 t/h throughput per line

02-2005 to 06-2005Consultant for Nangong WtE Project, China

The Waste-to-Energy project Nangong (close to Beijing) got two incineration lines and a total capacity of 1000 tons per day. As Consultant to the financing bank KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, Germany) and working for the administration of Beijing City Mr. Buchhorn took care for the finalization of:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Terms of Reference for Implementation Consultant
  • Support on Project Management
  • Implementation of Project Management tools
  • In operation since 2017

10-2002 to 01-2005, Alkmaar, Netherlands, 4th line WtE

Alkmaar 1024

As Project Manager Process Mr. Buchhorn was responsible for compliance with contract conditions, costs, planning, quality control and coordinated the completion, trial run and handover of the project. The 4th line was successfully put into operation on time, within budget and fullfilling the owner´s expectations.

  • MSW as fuel
  • 27 t/h troughput
  • 75 MW firing capacity
  • 14 Sep. 2004 1st fire

1999 to 09-2002, Naples & Campania, Italy

Acerra breit 768

Acerra, picture by friendly permission of Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH

As Head of Technology Project Development (BOOT) with BBP Environment (today Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH) Mr. Buchhorn was „Owner´s Engineer“.

  • BOOT projects,
  • 7 pre-treatment and composting plants for municipal waste,
  • 2 incinerators for the high calorific fraction,
  • Total capacity 2,500,000 ton residue per year.
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