Oct. 2017: 15 years partnership with RG-Projecten BV

The partnership with the RG-Projecten experts started in October 2002, was always trustful, professional and focused on best possible results for the clients. We establish joint project teams to bring the client´s project to success. The cooperation with RG-Projecten enables the handling of bigger and more challenging projects. Link to RG-Projecten BV, Netherlands

Feb. 2015, 10th anniversary: Donation to Stiftung Mittagskinder

To celebrate the companie´s 10th anniversary, Buchhorn-Projects became firm sponsor of "Stiftung Mittagskinder“. In the foundation´s two children meetings, located at social hot spots in Hamburg, more than 200 children receive free regular and healthy meals, help with homework and professionally competent social care. Link to Stiftung Mittagskinder

2013, Buchhorn-Projects GmbH founded

2 Jan. 2013: Ingenieurbüro Buchhorn transformed to Buchhorn-Projects GmbH.

2005, Ingenieurbüro Buchhorn founded

1 Feb. 2005: Ingenieurbüro Buchhorn founded. The waste-to-energy project Nangong, China became the first contract.

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